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Stephen Harris


Stephen Harris is Druce Curator of the Oxford University Herbaria, Britain’s oldest collection of dried plants. Stephen is a lecturer at Christ Church and University Research Lecturer, contributing to courses in plant conservation biology, plant biodiversity and field biology. Stephen’s research is concerned with our interactions with plants; how we modify plant evolution. Stephen has considerable fieldwork experience, particularly in Brazil. He has also long-standing interests in the history of botany and collections, and plant identification. Besides his academic publications, Stephen has co-authored one genetics textbook and written three popular books on botanical history and plant illustration: The Magnificent Flora Graeca (2007), Commentary on Thornton’s Temple of Flora (2008) and Planting Paradise. Plants in cultivation (1501–1900) (2011). Stephen’s most recent popular science publication, Grasses (2014), reveals the science and cultural history of this overlooked group of plants.