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Dr Sophie Fuller


Sophie Fuller is the author of The Pandora Guide to Women Composers: Britain and the United States, 1629-present (1994). As well as women’s musical creativity, her research interests include many different aspects of music, gender and sexuality but focus in particular on musical life in late 19th- and 20th-century Britain. She has published a wide range of essays in these areas, including ‘“Something Revolting”: Women, Creativity and Music after 50’ in Gender, Age and Musical Creativity ed. Colton and Haworth (2015) and ‘“The Finest Voice of the Century:” Clara Butt and Other Concert-hall and Drawing-room Singers of fin-de-siècle Britain’ in The Arts of the Prima Donna in the Long Nineteenth Centuryed. Cowgill and Poriss (2012). Among other projects, Sophie is currently working with Dr Phyllis Weliver on Sounding Victorian, a collection of digital projects that explore aesthetic sound in Victorian Britain.

Last updated: Jul 2019