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Camino del Flamenco


Camino del Flamenco was formed in 2003 by a group of teachers from Spain and London who wanted to promote Flamenco as a music and dance art form throughout Oxfordshire. Camino have now grown into one of the largest Flamenco production companies outside Spain and now offer a wide variety of Flamenco activities.

In addition to supplying professional Flamenco musicians, dancers and groups for all manner of events and shows, Camino also produce bi-monthly professional Flamenco dance shows at three venues around Oxfordshire.

They have been running dance classes at all levels for adults (and for children) in Oxford, Didcot and Banbury since 2003 and also design, produce and sell a range of Flamenco dancewear and Flamenco dance accessories.

When you book a Camino del Flamenco show you are unlikely to see the same show twice as we use a huge range of different singers, musicians and dancers – trying to match the artistes as closely as possible to the requirements of the booking.

Flamenco continues to be so incredibly popular all over the world. Since Spain restored democracy they have poured money into Flamenco academies and touring companies, ensuring top quality Flamenco appears in Spain and around the world. This has opened windows on what Flamenco could really be like around the world – inspiring students in every corner of the globe to sing, dance and play guitar. In Japan alone, there are currently over 600 Flamenco academies catering to 80,000 Flamenco dance, song and guitar students. There are over 500 academies in the USA and Canada and simply hundreds and hundreds throughout Europe – without counting those in Spain.

When you become a Flamenco student you become one of millions of Flamenco students around the world – a recent Spanish newspaper article put the number of Flamenco students worldwide at 1.2 million……. a LOT of people!

Unlike other folk music forms around the world, Flamenco is forever changing and developing. Fluid in the hands of its performers and never an anachronism, Flamenco takes its artistes, students and audience to wherever they want to go. As Flamenco becomes so huge amongst non-Spanish people, even the Spanish seem puzzled by the total love and obsession which many outside of Spain feel for it. But in reality there is no mystery; the dance movements are beautiful, the music profound, moving and sensitive, the rhythms stab straight to the heart. All of us have a part of ourselves which needs to feel tremendous passion in life, the energy and fire of complete involvement and the force of risking love and pain without fear or reservation, and this is Flamenco.