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Gerald Finzi

(1901- 1956)

Gerald Raphael Finzi was a British composer. He is best known as a choral composer, but also wrote in other genres.

Related Songs

Composed Title
A Young Man's Exhortation (Op. 14)
Amabel (Op. 16)
As I lay in the early sun (Op. 13b)
At a lunar eclipse (Op. 19a no.6)
Before and After Summer (Op. 16)
Before and After Summer (Songcycle) (Op. 16)
Channel Firing (Op. 16)
Childhood among the Ferns (Op. 16)
Come away, death (Op. 81)
Earth and Air and Rain (Op. 15)
Epeisodia (Op. 16)
Fear no more the heat o' the sun (Op. 81)
Harvest (Op. 13b)
He Abjures Love (Op. 16)
I look into my glass (Op. 19a no.4)
I say I'll seek her (Op. 13b)
In a Churchyard (Op. 15 no.9)
In the Mind’s Eye (Op. 16)
In years defaced
In years defaced (Op. 19a no.2)
It never looks like summer here (Op. 19a no.5)
It was a lover and his lass (Op. 81)
Let me enjoy the earth (Op. 19a no.1)
Let Us Garlands Bring (Op. 81)
Life Laughs Onward (Op. 19a no.7)
Life Laughs Onwards
O mistress mine (Op. 81)
Oh fair to see (song cycle) (Op. 13b)
Oh, fair to see (Op. 13b)
Only the wanderer (Op. 13b)
Overlooking the River (Op. 16)
Part 1 A Young Man's Exhortation (Op. 14)
Part 1 Budmouth Dears (Op. 14)
Part 1 Ditty (Op. 14)
Part 1 Her Temple (Op. 14)
Part 1 The Comet at Yell'ham (Op. 14)
Part 2 Former Beauties (Op. 14)
Part 2 Shortening Days (Op. 14)
Part 2 The Dance Continued (Op. 14)
Part 2 The Sigh (Op. 14)
Part 2 Transformations
Proud Songsters (Op. 15 no.10)
Since we loved (Op. 13b)
The Clock of the Years (Op. 15)
The Market-Girl (Op. 19a no.3)
The Phantom
The Self-Unseeing (Op. 16)
The Too Short Time (Op. 16)
Till Earth Outwears (Op. 19a)
To a poet (Op. 13a)
To a poet a thousand years hence (Op. 13a)
To joy (Op. 13b)
Who is Silvia? (Op. 81)

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