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Dmitri Shostakovich

(1906- 1975)

Dmitri Shostakovich was a Russian composer and pianist. He achieved fame in the Soviet Union, although later developed a more complex and difficult relationship with the government. As a composer, he combined a variety of different musical techniques into his works, and his music is characterised by sharp contrast, grotesque elements, and ambivalent tonality. 


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Related Songs

Composed Title
Black eyes (Op. 100)
Broshennyi otets, 'An abandoned father' (Op. 79 no.6)
Burja (Op. 127)
Dzhenni, 'Jenny' (Op. 62)
Farewell, Granada (Op.100)
Four Romances on Poems by Pushkin (Op. 46)
Four Songs to Words by Evgeny Dolmatovsky (Op. 86)
From Jewish Folk Poetry (Op. 79)
Gamajun ptica veshchaja (Op.127)
Gorod spit (Op. 127)
Ispanskije Pesni, 'Spanish Songs' (Op. 100)
Iunoshu, gor’ko rydaia, 'A youth and a maiden' (Op. 46 no.2)
Khoroshaja zhizn, 'The good life' (Op. 79 no.9)
Kolybel’naya, 'Lullaby' (Op. 79 no.3)
Korolevskij pokhod, 'The King's Campaign' (Op. 62)
Makferson pered kazn'ju, 'Macpherson's Farewell' (Op. 62)
Moi stikhi, 'To my verses' (Op. 143)
Muzyka (Op. 127)
My byli vmeste (Op. 127)
Pesnja o nuzhde, 'Song of want' (Op. 79 no.7)
Pesnja Ofelii (Op. 127)
Predchuvstvie, 'Foreboding' (Op. 46 no.3)
Rodina slyshit, 'The motherland hears' (Op. 86)
Romance (from The Gadfly) (Op. 97)
Round dance (Op.100)
Seven Romances on Poems of Alexander Blok (Op. 127)
Shest' stikhotvorenii Marini Cvetajevoj, 'Six Poems by Marina Tsvetaeva' (Op. 143)
Six Romances on Verses by English Poets (Op. 62)
Son, 'Dream' (Op. 100)
Sonet LXVI, 'Sonnet 66' (Op. 62)
Spanish Songs (Op. 100)
Stantsy, 'Stanzas' (Op. 46 no.4)
Tajnyje znaki (Op. 127)
The Gadfly (Op. 97)
V poljakh pod snegom i dozhdjom, 'O, wert thou in the cauld blast' (Op. 62)
Vozrozhdenie, 'Rebirth' (Op. 46 no.1)

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