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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

(1840- 1893)

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a Russian composer of the Romantic period. His works are still among the most popular music in the classical repetoire, and he is widely acknowledged as the first Russian composer to make a lasting international impression.

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Related Songs

Composed Title
6 Romances (Op. 38)
Blagoslovlyayu vas, lesa ('I bless you, Forests') (Op. 47 no.5)
Den' li carit ('Can it be day?') (Op. 47 no.6)
Don Zhuan serenade, 'Don Juan's Serenade' / Don Giovanni's Serenade (Op. 38 no.1)
Ja li v pole da ne travushka (Op. 47 no.7)
Khotel by v jedinoje slovo ('Would like a single word') (TH 100)
Kolybel`naja pesnja, 'Lullaby' (Op. 16 no.1)
Kukushka ('The Cuckoo') (Op. 54 no.8)
Legend / The Crown of Roses (Op. 54 no.5)
Moj genij, moj angel, moj drug ('My genius, My Angel, My Friend') (TH 89)
My sideli s toboj ('We sat with you') (Op. 73 no.1)
Nam zviozdi krotkie siali, 'Gentle stars were shining upon us' (Op. 60 no.12)
Ne ver' moj drug, ('Do not believe it, my friend') (Op. 6 no.1)
Ni otzyva, ni slova, ni priveta, ('No Response, no Word, no Greeting') (Op. 28 no.5)
Ni slova, o drug moj ('Not a word, o my friend') (Op. 6 no.2)
Nyet tolko tot kto znal ('None but the lonely heart') (Op. 6 no.6)
Otchego ('Why?') (Op. 6 no.5)
Primiren'e ('Reconciliation') (Op. 25 no.1)
Ptichka, 'The Little Bird'
Skazhy o chom v teni vetvej ('Oh say, what is it, in shady branches') (Op. 57 no.1)
Sleza drozhit ('A tear trembles') (Op. 6 no.4)
Snova, kak prezhde ('Again, as before, alone') (Op. 73 no.6)
Solovej ('The Nightingale') (Op. 60 no.4)
Sred shumnovo bala ('Amid the din of the ball') (Op. 38 no.3)
To bylo ranneju vesnoj ('It was early spring') (Op. 38 no.2)
Vcherashnaya noch’ ('Last night') (Op. 60 no. 1)

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