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32. Mörike, Magic Realist: Ray Ockenden

17 October 2019, 15:00 - 15:45


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Thumbnail of Ashmolean Museum: Lecture Theatre

Ashmolean Museum: Lecture Theatre

Beaumont St, Oxford, OX1 2PH

Eduard Mörike was a significant poet for many composers, most particularly in the songs of Hugo Wolf. Ray Ockenden, Emeritus Fellow in German at Wadham College, talks about Mörike’s life, his poetic approach, his love of music and his fantastical imaginary creations, ahead of this evening’s concert.

Artist Portrait

Dr Raymond Curtis Ockenden

Dr Raymond Curtis Ockenden


Ray Ockenden joined Wadham as its first Fellow in German in 1967, after seven years teaching German in the University of London (Bedford College). During his time at Wadham as Fellow he was twice Senior Tutor, four times Dean, twice Sub-Warden and Steward of Common Room, and for 24 years was the Fellow responsible for the College Cellar. On retirement in 2003 he took on the office of Dean of Degrees. Since 2003 Ray has continued teaching for Wadham and other Colleges and lecturing for the University, and remained a member of the College W... Read Full Biography

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