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Katarina Karnéus & Julius Drake

16 October 2010, 19:00 - 20:40


This event will be broadcast from Holywell Music Room

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7pm (free): Pre-concert talk

Richard Wigmore: "Scandinavian myth and landscape in the songs of Grieg, Sibelius and Rangström

Sibelius is often considered a composer primarily of symphonic music, but he wrote songs throughout his life and they are a key part of his output. The same could also be said of Grieg, not least due to the fact that his wife was a singer. Since winning the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World Competition in 1995, Swedish mezzo-soprano Katarina Karnéus has appeared on all the world’s major stages and is particularly renowned as a recitalist. Her recordings of songs by Grieg and Sibelius with Julius Drake on Hyperion have been universally acclaimed, and it is a pleasure to welcome her to Oxford to perform some of this glorious repertoire.

This concert is generously supported by the Helena Oldacre Trust


Edvard Grieg: Six Poems of Henrick Ibsen, Op. 25

i. Spillemænd

ii. En svane

iii. Stambogsrim

iv. Med en vandlilje

v. Borte!

vi. En fuglevise

Ture Rangström: Bön till natten (Bo Bergman)

Rangström: Pan (Bergman)

Rangström: Flickan under nymånen (Bergman)

Jean Sibelius: Five songs, Op. 37

i. Den första kyssen (Runeberg)

ii. Lasse Liten (Topelius)

iii. Soluppgång (Hedberg)

iv. Var det en dröm (Wecksell)

v. Flickan kom ifrån sin äsklings möte (Runeberg)


Grieg: Haugtussa (Op. 67)

i. Det syng

ii. Veslemøy

iii. Blåbær-li

iv. Møte

v. Elsk

vi. Killingdans

vii. Vond Dag

viii. Ved Gjætle-Bekken

This event is part of a series:

2010 Festival

The Annual Oxford Lieder Festival, bringing song to the heart of Oxford

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