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The Abendröte Cycle & Der Liedler: Mhairi Lawson, Nicholas Mulroy & Eugene Asti

18 October 2014, 16:00 - 17:10


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Holywell Music Room

Holywell St


Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, Andrew Kennedy has had to withdraw from this recital and will be replaced by Nicholas Mulroy. The programme remains unchanged.

Mhairi Lawson soprano
Nicholas Mulroy tenor
Eugene Asti piano

This programme features the ‘Abendröte’ cycle, to poems by Friedrich von Schlegel, as well as the great Schiller ballad ‘Der Liedler’. Mhairi Lawson and Nicholas Mulroy are both renowned song singers, and they join prominent accompanist Eugene Asti.


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Der Liedler, D209 (Joseph Kenner)

An den Mond, D918 (Ludwig Hölty) Die Mainacht, D194 (Ludwig Hölty) An die Nachtigall, D196 (Ludwig Hölty) Settings of Friedrich von Schlegel: Blanka, D631 Vom mitleiden Mariä, D632 The 'Abendröte' Cycle:
Abendröte, D690
Die Berge, D634
Die Vögel, D691
Der Fluss, D693
Der Knabe, D692
Die Rose, D745
Der Schmetterling, D633
Der Wanderer, D649
Das Mädchen, D652
Die Sterne, D684
Die Gebüsche, D646
Licht und Liebe, D352 (Matthäus von Collin)

This event is part of a series:

2014 Festival: The Schubert Project

The Schubert Project will be the biggest ever celebration of the life and music of Franz Schubert. At its core is the UK's first ever complete performance of Schubert's songs, alongside a host of other works. Bringing Schubert’s Vienna to Oxford in a dazzling feast of music, art, theatre, food & drink, this three-week festival is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to immerse you...

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