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Settings of Rellstab & Claudius: Roderick Williams, Katharine Watson & Susie Allan

21 October 2014, 12:10 - 13:10


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Holywell Music Room

Holywell St

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This concert is generously supported by The Loveday Charitable Trust


Katharine Watson soprano
Roderick Williams baritone
Susie Allan piano

Today we hear the settings of Ludwig Rellstab from Schubert's final year, commonly known as part of Schwanengesang. This was not in fact intended as a cycle by Schubert, but was pieced together after his death by the publisher Tobias Haslinger. The remaining songs (the settings of Heine, and Seidl's 'Die Taubenpost') can be heard in the closing concert of The Schubert Project.

Alongside these songs, we also hear Schubert's much earlier settings of Matthias Claudius. Baritone Roderick Williams, long a favourite of Oxford Lieder audiences, is joined by the fast-rising soprano Katherine Watson and pianist Susie Allan.


Sponsor a Song: click on any title to find out how to sponsor this song and have your name, or that of a dedicatee, appear alongside it in this concert's printed programme. Settings of Ludwig Rellstab: Liebesbotschaft (D957/1) Kriegers Ahnung (D957/2) Frühlingssehnsucht (D957/3) Ständchen (D957/4) Aufenthalt (D957/5) In der Ferne (D957/6) Abschied (D957/7) Settings of Matthias Claudius: Zufriedenheit 'Lied' (D362) Am ersten Maimorgen (D344) Bei dem Grabe meines Vater (D496) Klage um Ali Bey (D496a) An die Nachtigall (D497) Am Grabe Anselmos (D504) Phidile (D500) Zufriedenheit 'Lied' (D501) An eine Quelle (D530) Das Lied vom Reifen (D532) Täglich zu singen (D533)

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This event is part of a series:

2014 Festival: The Schubert Project

The Schubert Project will be the biggest ever celebration of the life and music of Franz Schubert. At its core is the UK's first ever complete performance of Schubert's songs, alongside a host of other works. Bringing Schubert’s Vienna to Oxford in a dazzling feast of music, art, theatre, food & drink, this three-week festival is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to immerse you...

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