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Settings of Goethe & Matthisson: Malin Christensson, Joshua Ellicott & Simon Lepper

29 October 2014, 13:10 - 14:10


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Holywell Music Room

Holywell St

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Malin Christensson soprano
Joshua Ellicott tenor
Simon Lepper piano

This programme includes some of the most popular settings of Goethe, including 'Heidenroslein', 'Rastlose Liebe' and both 'Wandrers Nachlieder'.


Sponsor a Song: click on any title to find out how to sponsor this song and have your name, or that of a dedicatee, appear alongside it in this concert's printed programme.

Settings of Friedrich von Matthisson (1761-1831): Erinnerung 'Totenopfer’, D101 Geisternähe, D100 Erinnerungen, D98 Romanze, D114 Die Sterbende, D186 Naturgenuss, D188 Totenkranz für ein Kind, D275 Der Abend, D108 Settings of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832): Nachtgesang, D119 Jägers Abendlied, D215 Jägers Abendlied, D368 Wandrers Nachtlied I, D224 Wandrers Nachtlied II, D768 Am Flusse, D160 Heidenröslein, D257 Rastlose Liebe, D138 Der Goldschmiedsgesell, D560 Wer kauft Liebesgötter?, D261 Die Spinnerin, D247 Am Flusse, D766

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This event is part of a series:

2014 Festival: The Schubert Project

The Schubert Project will be the biggest ever celebration of the life and music of Franz Schubert. At its core is the UK's first ever complete performance of Schubert's songs, alongside a host of other works. Bringing Schubert’s Vienna to Oxford in a dazzling feast of music, art, theatre, food & drink, this three-week festival is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to immerse you...

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