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Past Events > 2016

Mastercourse Day One

24 October 2016, 10:00 - 17:30

Lead tutor: Wolfgang Holzmair

Guest tutor: Matti Hirvonen

Our residential mastercourses sees exceptional students working with leading musicians, led by Wolfgang Holzmair.

Wolfgang Holzmair

Britten Room, Headington School

1000 Felicity Turner (mezzo) & Natalie Burch

1040 João Terleira (tenor) & Joana Resende

1140 Eirik Grøtvedt (tenor) & Eirik Haug Stømner

1220 Harriet Burns (soprano) & Ian Tindale

1300 Lunch break

1340 Lauren Lodge-Campbell (soprano) & Florent Mourier

1420 Julien van Mellaerts (baritone) & Somi Kim

1500 Michael Roemer (baritone) & Daniel Overly

1600 Sheva Tehoval (soprano) & Juliette Sabbah

1640 Felix Kemp (baritone) & Timothy End

Matti Hirvonen

Purcell Room, Headington School

1000 Lauren Lodge-Campbell (soprano) & Florent Mourier

1040 Sheva Tehoval (soprano) & Juliette Sabbah

1140 Michael Roemer (baritone) & Daniel Overly

1220 Julien van Mellaerts (baritone) & Somi Kim

1300 Lunch break

1340 Felix Kemp (baritone) & Timothy End

1420 Felicity Turner (mezzo) & Natalie Burch

1500 João Terleira (tenor) & Joana Resende

1600 Eirik Grøtvedt (tenor) & Eirik Haug Stømner

1640 Harriet Burns (soprano) & Ian Tindale

Artist Portrait

Wolfgang Holzmair

Wolfgang Holzmair


Wolfgang Holzmair was born in Vöcklabruck, Austria, and studied at the Vienna Academy of Music and Dramatic Art with Hilde Rössel-Majdan (voice) and Erik Werba (lied). He has performed in recital throughout the world with regular appearances in London, Vienna, Lisbon, Amsterdam, New York, Washington, at the Risör Festival (Norway), BathMozart Festival and Oxford Lieder Festival (UK), Menuhin Festival (Switzerland), Bregenz Festival and Carinthian Summer Festival (Austria). Alongside his outstanding artistic relationship with... Read Full Biography
Artist Portrait

Matti Hirvonen

Matti Hirvonen


Matti Hirvonen lives in Stockholm. His career as a song pianist began at the invitation of the famous soprano Elisabeth Söderström, and he now performs Lieder regularly with Nina Stemme, Hillevi Martinpelto, Miah persson, camilla Nylund, Katarina Karnéus, Angelika Kirschschlager, Anna Larsson, Iréne Theorin, Håkan Hagegård, Bo Skovhus, Andreas Schmidt, Peter Mattei, Wolfgang Holzmair among many others. A regular guest at European festivals including Edinburgh, Grafenegg, Aix-en Provence and Schleswig-Ho... Read Full Biography

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