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Mahler's Legacy: Schoenberg and Beyond?

20 October 2017, 15:00 - 16:00

Mahler broke musical barriers, enabling a younger generation of Viennese Jewish composers. Highly respected author, curator and historian Michael Haas explores those composers freed by Mahler's influence, and asks whether there is a direct line to be drawn between Mahler and the Second Viennese School.

Standing places will also be available on the day

Artist Portrait

Michael Haas

Michael Haas


Bilingual in German and English, Haas was born in 1954 in Charlotte, North Carolina but raised in Vienna where he received much of his general education and most of his musical training. He studied piano at the Municipal Conservatory and the Vienna Music Academy (now Music University). In addition to German and English, Haas speaks Italian, Spanish and French. He has lived in London since 1977, the location of his production company Coralfox, which has also had a subsidiary presence in Vienna since 2002. Recording Producer Michael Haas o... Read Full Biography

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