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Friday 14th October

10:30 AM

A Carnival of Pianos: Schumann's early songs

14 Oct 2016 10:30 | Holywell Music Room

Although Schumann was not to write any further songs until 1840, these early songs (dating from 1827-1828) already show a remarkable depth and concision. Tenor Stuart Jackson joins Oxford Lieder's Artistic Director, Sholto Kynoch, for a rare performance of these works, setting the scene for the Festival.

11:30 AM

A Carnival of Pianos: Piano Sonata No. 1, Op. 11

14 Oct 2016 11:30 | New College Ante Chapel

12:30 PM

A Carnival of Pianos: Études symphoniques, Op. 13

14 Oct 2016 12:30 | Holywell Music Room

2:00 PM

A Carnival of Pianos: Kreisleriana, Op. 16

14 Oct 2016 14:00 | Holywell Music Room

This concert is generously supported by and presented in association with the City Music Foundation 

3:00 PM

A Carnival of Pianos: Carnaval, Op. 9

14 Oct 2016 15:00 | The Sheldonian

4:00 PM

A Carnival of Pianos: Faschingsschwank aus Wien, Op. 26

14 Oct 2016 16:00 | Balliol College Hall

5:00 PM

Schools Project Concert

14 Oct 2016 17:00 | The Sheldonian

Over the past weeks and months, local school children have been developing their own song cycle, creating words and music in collaboration with our amazing worshop leaders. Come and support them and be inspired by the wonderful creativity of these young people as they give a performance of their own work, joined by renowned baritone Mark Stone. 

6:00 PM

Festival Chorus Concert

14 Oct 2016 18:00 | University Church of St Mary the Virgin

Members of world-renowned choir The Sixteen with their associate conductor Eamonn Dougan, join our Festival Chorus, who have spent the day in workshops preparing partsongs by Schumann and others which they now present in a short, free concert, to which all are warmly invited. 

Saturday 15th October

12:00 PM

Bring & Sing

15 Oct 2016 12:00 | Holywell Music Room

A chance for one and all to tread the boards of the historic Holywell Music Room. 

5:30 PM

A Spanish Detour: Lorena Paz Nieto & Johan Barnoin

15 Oct 2016 17:30 | Holywell Music Room

The Oxford Lieder Young Artist Platform attracts an astonishing level of emerging talent; young stars embarking on major careers. Today's duo performs songs with a Spanish theme, including works by Schumann, Brahms and Wolf as well as songs by Manuel de Falla. 

Sunday 16th October

10:45 AM

Schumann's Friends & Followers

16 Oct 2016 10:45 | Jacqueline du Pré Music Building

Scumann was inspired by literature thorughout his life, and saw no real divide between the worlds of letters and music. This is an opportunity to explore the cultural environments, lives and influences of the composer's musical friends and followers, as well as those of literary contemporaries such as Heinrich Heine and Friedrich Rückert.  Presented in association with the Open...

1:45 PM

Lyrisches Intermezzo

16 Oct 2016 13:45 | Jacqueline du Pré Music Building

A chance to hear Heinrich Heine's complete Lyrisches Intermezzo, his collection of poetry which inspired so many songs. Celebrated Austrian actor Cornelius Obonya reads the collection, with Schumann's settings (including all the songs of Dichterliebe) interspersed, performed in the order tht they appear in Heine's original. 

5:30 PM

Summer Nights: Suzanne Fischer & Panaretos Kyriatzidis

16 Oct 2016 17:30 | Holywell Music Room

Our second YAP duo performs Berlioz's glorious 1841 cycle Les Nuits d'été, as well as settings of Friedrich Rückert. 

9:45 PM

Re:Sound's 'Duet'

16 Oct 2016 21:45 | The King's Arms: Wadham Room

A specially commissioned play from music-theatre company Re:Sound

Monday 17th October

2:45 PM

Spring Symphony

17 Oct 2016 14:45 | Phoenix Picturehouse

A screening in Oxford's leading independent cinema of the acclaimed 1983 film Frühlingssinfonie, starring Nastassja Kinski as Clara Schumann and Herbert Grönemeyer as Robert. 

5:30 PM

Piano Quintet: Gildas String Quartet & Sholto Kynoch

17 Oct 2016 17:30 | Holywell Music Room

Schumann's piano quintet in E flat, Op. 44, is one of the most popular pieces of the chamber music repertoire, and was an instant hit when it was first performed in 1843. 

9:45 PM

Re:Sound's 'Duet'

17 Oct 2016 21:45 | The King's Arms: Wadham Room

Tuesday 18th October

11:45 AM

Publishing Schumann

18 Oct 2016 11:45 | Blackwell's Bookshop - The Norrington Room

Peter McMullin, Blackwell's famed music specialist, gives a talk on the publishing history of Schumann's works, a surprising number of which were not published until well into the 20th century. 

1:10 PM

Kathleen Ferrier Award Winners

18 Oct 2016 13:10 | Holywell Music Room

The three prize winners of the prestigious Kathleen Ferrier Awards 2015 perform songs and duets by Schumann and Mendelssohn, including Schumann's enchanting Mädchenlieder Op. 103.  Presented in association with the Kathleen Ferrier Awards

2:45 PM

Schumann and the Critics

18 Oct 2016 14:45 | Shulman Auditorium, Queens College

Renowned music critic and writer Hilary Finch, who wrote for The Times for many years, is joined by Richard Wigmore for an afternoon of three talks looking at Schumann's critical writings in the 'Neue Zeitschrift für Musik', the generations of composer-critics who followed him (including Debussy, Berlioz and Wolf), and lastly a look at trends in contemporary music criticis...

5:30 PM

Piano Quartet: The Marlborough Piano Quartet

18 Oct 2016 17:30 | Holywell Music Room

This superb chamber group plays Schumann's Piano Quartet, as well as the Adagio & allegro and Fantasiestücke for cello and piano. 

9:45 PM

Pass Holders' Event

18 Oct 2016 21:45 | The Vaults Cafe

A special free event for our Pass holders. Birgid Steinberger accompanies herself on the guitar in stunning German and Austrian folksongs. Those who came to the equivalent evening in 2014 will remember how magical it was.  Open to Festival Pass holders only. 

Wednesday 19th October

11:45 AM

Clara Schumann, International Star

19 Oct 2016 11:45 | Holywell Music Room

Natasha Loges introduces Clara Schumann, who was arguably better known than her husband in teh 1840s as she toured Europe as one of the great virtuoso pianists. Clara Schumann's complete songs are also heard during the Festival. 

2:30 PM

Sarah Walker: Song Cycle

19 Oct 2016 14:30 | Magdalen Grove Auditorium

In a public masterclass, Sarah Walker leads four talented young duos through Schumann's Eichendorff Liederkreis, Op.39. Those who remember her survey of Winterreise in 2014 will not want to miss this illuminating afternoon. 

5:30 PM

Robert & Clara Piano Trios: Phoenix Piano Trio

19 Oct 2016 17:30 | Holywell Music Room

Clara Schumann's only piano trio, a fantastic chamber work that deserves to be heard more often, is performed here alongside the second and most exuberant of Robert Schumann's three trios. 

Thursday 20th October

11:30 AM

Brahms & Schumann: Gildas String Quartet & Raphaela Papadakis

20 Oct 2016 11:30 | Ashmolean Museum

This outstanding string quartet performs magical arrangements of Schumann (Op. 107) and Brahms (Ophelia Lieder) by Aribert Reimann for quartet and soprano

3:00 PM

Artists of Schumann's Era

20 Oct 2016 15:00 | Ashmolean Museum

A talk exploring the artists and painters who interested Schumann, both past masters and contemporary inspirations, as well as setting the scene of trends in the European art world at the time.  Booking advised. 

3:45 PM

Mendelssohn: The Gildas String Quartet & Raphaela Papadakis

20 Oct 2016 15:45 | Ashmolean Museum

The Gildas String Quartet and soprano Raphaela Papadakis return for Aribert Reimann's captivating scoring of songs by Felix Mendelssohn for string quartet and voice. 

5:30 PM

Woodland Scenes: Tom Poster

20 Oct 2016 17:30 | Holywell Music Room

Tom Poster plays Schumann's Waldszenen, nine characterful pieces he wrote in 1848/49, as well as Chopin's Ballade no. 4 in F minor. 

Friday 21st October

11:30 AM

Bach Revived Part I

21 Oct 2016 11:30 | New College Ante Chapel

Today's focus is the Bach revival led by Mendelssohn, supported by Schumann and influential on so many others. Robert Quinney, Organist and Director of the Choir at New College, starts the day with an illustrated lecture on Schumann and Mendelssohn's efforts to imitate and integrate Bach's counterpoint in their own works. 

1:10 PM

Franz Schubert: Andrè Schuen & Daniel Heide

21 Oct 2016 13:10 | Holywell Music Room

One of our concerts this year dedicated to one of Schumann's most revered composers. Franz Schubert. We welcome the sensational young baritone Andrè Schuen and his regular duo partner Daniel Heide for the first time. 

2:30 PM

Bach Revived Part II

21 Oct 2016 14:30 | The Weston Library: Lecture Theatre

Our Bach exploration continues:  2.30pm Hannah French explores early performances of the St Matthew Passion and the foundation of the first Bach Societies.  3.15pm  Songs from the Anna Magdalena Notebook and extracts from Schumann's accompanied versions of Bach violin works. Sholto Kynoch is joined by soprano Turiya Haudenhuy...

5:30 PM

Mendelssohn & Gade: Phoenix Piano Trio

21 Oct 2016 17:30 | Holywell Music Room

Mendelssohn's turbulent C minor piano trio quotes the choral melody 'Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ', also used by Bach. Also included are the five charming Novelleten by Schumann's Danish friend Niels Gade. 

Saturday 22nd October

2:30 AM

Masterclasses for Amateur Singers

22 Oct 2016 02:30 | Holywell Music Room

12:00 PM

Bring & Sing

22 Oct 2016 12:00 | Holywell Music Room

A chance for one and all to tread the boards of the historic Holywell Music Room. Observers are very welcome to attend this free and varied concert.