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Balthasar Friedrich Wilhelm Zimmermann

(1807- 1878)

Wilhelm Zimmermann was born in Germany in 1807. He became a historian and a member of the Heidelberg School of historians. From 1847 to 1850, Zimmermann taught history at the Oberrealschule in Stuttgart, Germany. He was a democrat in philosophy and belief. Accordingly, he took part in the revolutionary uprising in Germany in 1848 through 1849. In 1848, he was elected as a deputy to the Frankfurt National Assembly. At assembly, he caucused with the "Left wing" deputies. In 1850, Zimmermann was dismissed from his position as a teacher at the Oberrealschule because of his participation in the revolution of 1848-1849 and because of his caucusing with the Left wing in the Frankfurt Assembly. Zimmermann died in 1878.

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