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Matthäus von Collin

(1779- 1824)

Matthäus Casimir von Collin was a leading poet in the Vienna of his time, the younger brother of the poet and playwright Heinrich Joseph von Collin.. Some of his works have been set to music by Schubert, such as Der Zwerg (D. 771), Wehmut (D. 772) and Nacht und Träume (D. 827).

He was editor of the Wiener Jahrbücher für Literatur. He was in sympathy with the Romantic movement, and intimate with its leaders. His dramas on themes from Austrian national history (Belas Krieg mit dem Vater, 1808; Der Tod Friedrichs des Streitbaren, 1813) may be regarded as the immediate precursors of Grillparzer's historical tragedies.

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