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Walzer (1833)


Horch! Welch ein süßes harmonisches Klingen,
Flüstern erhebt sich zum jubelnden Laut.
Laß mich dich, reizendes Mädchen, umschlingen,
Wie ein Geliebter die liebende Braut.
Komm! Laß mit den wogenden Tönen uns schweben,
Die uns wie Stimmen der Liebe umweh’n:
So uns der seligsten Täuschung ergeben,
Glücklich es wähnen, was nie kann gescheh’n.
Auge in Auge mit glühenden Wangen,
Bebende Seufzer verlangender Lust!
Ach! Wenn die Stunden der Freude vergangen,
Füllet nur trauernde Sehnsucht die Brust,
Nimmer erblüht, was einmal verblüht,
Nie wird die rosige Jugend uns neu,
O drum, eh’ das Feuer der Herzen verglüht,
Liebe um Liebe, noch lächelt der Mai.


Hark! What a sweet, harmonious sound:
Whisperings swell to jubilant tones.
Let me embrace you, charming girl,
Like a lover his loving bride.
Come! Let us rise with the surging tones,
That waft around us like the voices of love:
Let’s surrender thus to blissful delusion,
And think it’s true, what never can be.
Gazing at each other with cheeks aglow,
Heaving sighs of desire!
Ah! when joy’s hours are spent,
The heart feels naught but sad longing.
Nothing can bloom again when wilted,
Rosy youth shall never re-bloom,
Therefore, before love’s fire turns to embers,
Let us both love, for May still smiles.
Translations by Richard Stokes, author of The Book of Lieder (Faber, 2005)

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Clara Schumann, née Clara Josephine Wieck, was a German musician and composer, consider by many to be one of the most disguished composers of the Romantic era. She composed a large body of work, including various piano concertos, chamber works, and choral pieces. She was married to Robert Schumann, and maintained a close relationship with Johannes Brahms.


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