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Ne plach', moj drug (1894) Op. 38

Part of a series or song cycle:

Six Romances (Op. 38)

Ne plach', moj drug

Ne plach’, moi drug, o schast’i otletevshem,
Ego, uvy, slezami ne vernut’:
Ono ognyam podobno dogorevshim,
Tebya na mig, na kratkii mig sovregshim…
Prosti! Zabud’ o tom, kak schastie nedavno
Tebya svoim kosnulosya luchom,
I vmesto mgly kholodnoi i tumanoi,
Poveyalo vesnoi blagoukhannoi,
Pakhnulo svetom i teplom!
Zabud’, kakim stradan’em i toskoyu
Polna teper‘ izmuchennaya grud‘,
Kakoi prishlos‘ platit‘ tebe tsenoyu
Za schat’ya mig, u zhizni vzyatoi s boyu.

Do not weep, my friend

Do not weep, my friend, for vanished happiness,
As tears, alas, cannot bring it back:
It is like those fires, long gone out,
That warmed you for just a brief moment…
Forgive me! Forget how happiness so recently
Touched you with its rays,
And instead of cold and foggy gloom,
There came the scent of fragrant spring,
An atmosphere of light and warmth!
Forget your tormented breast,
So full of suffering and sadness,
Forget the price which you have had to pay
For a moment of happiness, cruelly stolen from life.

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Anton Arensky was a Russian composer of Romantic classical music, a pianist and a professor of music.

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