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O chjom mechtajesh' ty? (1894) Op. 38

Part of a series or song cycle:

Six Romances (Op. 38)

O chjom mechtajesh' ty?

O chyom mechtaesh’ ty? Zadumchivo glubokii
Kuda-to vzor glyadit v tainstvennuyu dal’…
Tomit li serdtse vnov’ znakomaya pechal’?
Il’ radost’ v grud’ volnoi nakhlynula shirokoi?
O chyom mechtaesh’ ty? Ditya, tvoi mechty
Mne dorogi, kak dnya lazurnogo siyan’e,
Kak noch’yu tyomnoyu dalyokikh zvyozd mertsan’e,
Kak dogora mne zhizn’, kak doroga mne ty!
O, moi zhelannyi drug, i ya v dushe gluboko,
Revnivo beregu mechtanii svetlykh roi…
O chyom mechtaesh’ ty? Ckazhi, i v mig s toboi
Na kryl’yakh chudnykh gryoz umchimsya my dalyoko!

What is it you dream of?

What is it you dream of? Your deeply pensive gaze
Stares into some mysterious, far-off point…
Does habitual sadness once again torment your heart?
Or has a vast wave of joy overwhelmed your breast?
What is it you dream of? My child, your dreams
Are dear to me, like the radiance of the azure day,
Like the twinkling of distant stars deep at night,
How dear is life to me, how dear are you to me!
O my beloved friend, deep in my heart
I jealously guard a host of radiant dreams…
What is you dream of? Tell me, and without delay
We will fly far away on the wings of miraculous reveries!

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Anton Arensky was a Russian composer of Romantic classical music, a pianist and a professor of music.

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