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The Stars (1863) VWV 1059

The Stars

Ya dolgo stoyal nepodvizhno,
V dalyokie zvyozdy vglyadyas’,
Mezh temi zvezdami i mnoyu
Kakaya-to svyaz’ rodilas’.
Ya dumal… ne pomyu, chto dumal…
Ya slushal tainstvennyi khor,
I zvyozdy tikhon’ko drozhali,
I zvyozdy lyublyu ya s tekh por !

The Stars

For a long time I stood motionless,
Staring up at the distant stars –
Between those stars and myself
Some kind of bond was born.
I thought… I don’t recall what I thought…
I listened to the mysterious chorus,
And the stars quivered softly,
And since then I have loved the stars…!

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Pauline Viardot was a leading nineteenth-century French mezzo-soprano, pedagogue, and composer of Spanish descent.

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