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Norden (1917) Op. 90 no.1


Löfven de falla,
Sjöarna frysa...
Flyttande svanor,
Seglen, o seglen
Sorgsna till södern,
Söken dess nödspis,
Längtande åter;
Plöjen dess sjöar,
Saknande våra!
Då skall ett öga
Se er från palmens
Skugga och tala:
"Tynande Svanor,
Hvilken förtrollning
Hvilar på norden?
Den som från södern
Längtar, hans längtan
Söker en himmel."

The North

The leaves are falling,
The lakes are freezing ...
Moving swans,
Sail, o sail
Sorrowful to the South
Looking for its meagre fare,
Longing back,
Plowing its lakes,
Missing ours!
Then shall an eye
See you from the palm's
Shadow and speak:
"Swans, languishing away,
What enchantment
Lies upon the North?
He, who from the South
Is longing, his longing
Seeks a heaven."

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Jean Sibelius was a Finnish composer and violinist of the late Romantic and early-modern periods. He is best known for his set of seven symphonies, but he also composed over a hundred songs for voice and piano, and various pieces inspired by nature and Nordic mythology.

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