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Kak sladko s toboju mne byt' ('How sweet is it to be with you') (1840)

Kak sladko s toboju mne byt' ('How sweet is it to be with you')

Kak sladko s toboju mne byt',
I molcha dushoj pogruzhat'sja
V lazurnye ochi tvoi.
Vsju pylkost' vse strasti dushi
Tak sil'no oni vyrazhajut,
Kak slovo ne vyrazit ikh
I serdce trepeshchet nevol'no pri vide tebja!
Ljublju ja smotret' na tebja,
Tak mnogo v ulybke otrady
I negi v dvizhenjakh tvoikh.
Naprasno khochu zaglushit'
poryvy dushevnykh volnenij
I serdce rassudkom unjat',
Ne slushajet serdce rassudka pri vide tebja!
Nezhdannoju chudnoj zvezdoj
javilasja ty predo mnoju
I zhizn' ozarila moju.
Sijaj zhe, ukazyvaj put',
vedi k neprivychnomu schast'ju
Togo, kto nadezhdy ne znal,
I serdce utonet v vostorge
pri vide tebja!

How sweet it is to be with you

How sweet it is to be with you;
My soul sinks, in silence,
Into your deep blue eyes.
All the passions of your soul, all your ardent love,
Are so vividly reflected in them,
That they are beyond expression in words
And my heart trembles at the sight of you!
I love to gaze upon you,
Your smile is full of delight,
As your gestures are full of sensuous charm.
In vain would I seek to still
The surgings of my anxious soul
And calm my heart with reason,
For the heart will not listen to reason at the sight of you!
Like some sudden, wondrous star
You appeared before me,
Lighting up my life.
So shine and point the way,
And lead me to unwonted joy,
For once I knew no hope,
But now my heart will drown in rapture
At the sight of you!

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Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka was the first Russian composer to gain wide recognition within his own country, and is often regarded as the fountainhead of Russian classical music.

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