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Skazhi, zachem ('Tell me, why?')

Skazhi, zachem ('Tell me, why?')

Skazhi, zachem javilas' ty
ocham moim, mladaja Lila,
i vnov' znakomye mechty
dusha zasnuvshej probudila,
skazhi, zachem? Skazhi, zachem?
Nad strastiju mojej shutja,
zachem s uma menja ty svodish',
kogda zh ljubujus' na tebja,
ty vzor s kholodnost'ju otvodish',
skazhi, zachem? Skazhi, zachem?
Skazhi, zachem? Net, pogodi!
Khochu prodlit' ja zabluzhden'e;
udar zhestokij otvrati:
udvoish' ty mojo muchen'e,
skazav, zachem, skazav, zachem.

Tell me, why?

Tell me, why did you appear
Before my eyes, young Lila,
And once again awaken the familiar dreams
That slumbered in my soul,
Tell me, why? Tell me, why?
Mocking me for my passion,
Why do you disturb my reason?
Why, when I admire you,
Do you coldly turn your gaze away?
Tell me, why? Tell me, why?
Tell me, why? No, wait!
I want to prolong the delusion,
Stave off the cruel blow:
You will only double my torment,
If you tell me why, oh why.

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Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka was the first Russian composer to gain wide recognition within his own country, and is often regarded as the fountainhead of Russian classical music.

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