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Raub (1912) Op. 21 no.10

Part of a series or song cycle:

Pierrot Lunaire (Op. 21)


Rote, fürstliche Rubine,
Blutge Tropfen alten Ruhmes,
Schlummern in den Totenschreinen,
Drunten in den Grabgewolben.
Nachts, mit seinen Zechkumpanen,
Steigt Pierrot hinab - zu rauben
Rote, fürstliche Rubine,
Blutge Tropfen alten Ruhmes.
Doch da - strauben sich die Haare,
Bleiche Furcht bannt sie am Platze:
Durch die Finsternis - wie Augen! -
Stieren aus den Totenschreinen
Rote, fürstliche Rubine.


Priceless, red exquisite rubies,
Bloody drops of ancient glory,
Slumber in the burial caskets
Down there in the vaulted graveyard.
Night ..... and with his drunken cronies,
Down comes Pierrot to plunder
Priceless, exquisite, red rubies;
Bloody drops of ancient glory.
But ... then .. all their hair stands upright,
White with fear they’re fixed to the spot.
Through the murky gloom, like eyeballs,
staring from the burial baskets,
Priceless, red exquisite rubies.

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Arnold Franz Walter Schoenberg or Schönberg was an Austrian composer, music theorist, and painter. He was associated with the expressionist movement in German poetry and art, and leader of the Second Viennese School.

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