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Mi otdokhnyom (1906) Op. 26 no.3

Mi otdokhnyom

My otdokhnjom! My uslyshim angelov,
My uvidim vsjo nebo v almazakh,
My uvidim, kak vsjo zlo zemnoje,
Vse nashi stradanija potonut v miloserdii,
Kotoroje napolnit soboju ves' mir,
I nasha zhizn' stanet tikhoju,
nezhnoju, sladkoju, kak laska.
Ja veruju, veruju...
My otdokhnjom... My otdokhnjom.

We shall rest

We shall rest! We shall hear the angels,
We shall see the heaven, all clad in diamonds,
We shall see all earthly evil,
All our sufferings drown in mercy,
A mercy that will cover the whole earth,
And our live will become as peaceful,
Tender and sweet as a caresse.
I believe, I believe…
We shall rest… we shall rest.

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Sergei Rachmaninov was a Russian composer, pianist, and conductor of the late Romantic period.

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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (29 January 1860– 15 July 1904) was a Russian playwright and short-story writer, who is considered to be among the greatest writers of short fiction in history. His career as a playwright produced four classics, and his best short stories are held in high esteem by writers and critics.Along with Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg, Chekhov is often referred to as one of the three seminal figures in the birth of early modernism in the theatre. Chekhov practiced as a medical doctor throughout most of his literary career: "Medicine is my lawful wife", he once said, "and literature is my mistress."

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