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Entbietung (1898) Op. 7


Schmück dir das Haar mit wildem Mohn,
die Nacht ist da,
all ihre Sterne glühen schon.
All ihre Sterne glühn heut dir!
Du weißt es ja:
all ihre Sterne glühn in mir!
Dein Haar ist schwarz, dein Haar ist wild
und knistert unter meiner Glut;
und wenn sie schwillt,
jagt sie mit Macht
die roten Blüten und dein Blut
hoch in die höchste Mitternacht.
In deinen Augen glimmt ein Licht,
so grau in grün,
wie dort die Nacht den Stern umflicht,
Wann kommst du?! - Mein Fackeln lohn!
Laß glühn, laß glühn!
Schmück mir dein Haar mit wildem Mohn!


Deck your hair with wild poppies,
night is here,
all its stars gleam.
All of them gleam tonight for you!
You know well:
all its stars gleam inside me!
Your hair is black, your hair is wild
and crackles beneath my passion;
and when my passion surges,
it chases the res blooms and your blood
high into the highest midnight.
In your eyes a light gleams,
a sort of green-encircled grey,
like night enveloping that star.
When will you come?! - My torches blaze!
let them burn, let them burn!
Deck your hair for me with wild poppies!
Translation © Richard Stokes, author of The Book of Lieder (Faber, 2005)

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Alexander Zemlinsky or Alexander von Zemlinsky was an Austrian composer, conductor, and teacher.

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Richard Fedor Leopold Dehmel was a German poet and writer. His poems use a range of metrical patterns, and have been set to music by composers such as Richard Strauss, Arnold Schoenberg, and Kurt Weill. His poetry often focused on themes of love and sensuality, and he was tried for obscenity and blasphemy in the late 1890s.

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