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Chera mï vstretilis ('Yesterday we met') (1906) Op. 26 no.13

Chera mï vstretilis ('Yesterday we met')

Chera my vstretilis': - ona ostanovilas' -
Ja takzhe - my v glaza drug drugu posmotreli.
O Bozhe, kak ona s tekh por peremenilas',
V glazakh potukh ogon', i shchjoki pobledneli.
I dolgo na nejo gljadel ja molcha strogo -
Mne ruku protjanuv, bednjazhka ulybnulas';
Ja govorit' khotel - ona zhe radi Boga
Velela mne molchat', i tut zhe otvernulas',
I brovi sdvinula, i vydernula ruku,
I molvila: Proshchajte, do svidan'ja.
A ja khotel skazat': Na vechnuju razluku
Proshchaj, pogibsheje, no miloje sozdan'e.

Yesterday we met

Yesterday we chanced to meet: – she stopped,
And so did I – we looked into each other’s eyes.
Oh heavens, how much she had changed since last we met,
Her eyes had lost their brightness, her cheeks were pale.
And for a long time I gazed at her in stern silence –
Offering me her hand, the poor creature smiled;
I was about to speak, but for Heaven’s sake
She bad me hold my tongue and turned away forthwith,
With furrowed brow she withdrew her hand
And spoke: ‘Farewell, goodbye!’
And I wanted to say: ‘Farewell, we part forever,
Dear, but ruined creature.’

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Sergei Rachmaninov was a Russian composer, pianist, and conductor of the late Romantic period.

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