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Ikalos li tebe, Natsha ('Did you hiccup, Natasha') (1899) TN ii/54

Ikalos li tebe, Natsha ('Did you hiccup, Natasha')

Ikalos' li tebe, Natasha,
Kogda shampanskoje ja pil
Razlichnykh vkusov, svojstv i vidov,
Razluchnykh vozrastov i sil
Kogda v voronezhskikh podvalakh
Ja zhadno pominal tebja,
Ljubja Natashu, po`etessu
Da i shampanskoje ljubja
Zdes' b'jot kastal'skij kljuch,
Pitaja nebasnoslovnoju strujoj;
Po`ezija zdes' veshch' ruchnaja;
Pjat' frankov daj i pej, i poj

Did you hiccup, Natasha

Was that you hiccupping, Natasha,
As I was drinking champagne,
Champagne of various tastes and traits and types,
Of various vintages and strengths?
When in the cellars of Voronezh
I thought about you so fervently,
In love with you, Natasha, my poetess,
And in love with champagne too?
Here flows a Castalian spring,
But not one that inspires like that fabled stream;
Here poetry is craft, not art;
If you pay five francs, you can drink and sing!

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Sergei Rachmaninov was a Russian composer, pianist, and conductor of the late Romantic period.

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