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Bogomater v gorode, 'Virgin in the city' (1975)

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Bogomater v gorode, 'Virgin in the city'

Ty prokhodish' bez ulybki,
Opustivshaja resnicy,
I vo mrake nad soborom
Zolotjatsja kupola.
Kak lico tvoje pokhozhe
Na vechernikh bogorodic,
Opuskajushchikh resnicy,
Propadajushchikh vo mgle...
No s toboj idet kudrjavyj
Krotkij mal'chik v beloj shapke,
Ty vedesh' jego za ruchku,
Ne dajesh' jemu upast'.
Ja stoju v teni portala,
Tam, gde dujet rezkij veter,
Zastilajushchij slezami
Naprjazhennye glaza.
Ja khochu vnezapno vyjti
I voskliknut': "Bogomater'!
Dlja chego v moj chernyj gorod
Ty Mladenca privela?"
No jazyk bessilen kriknut'.
Ty prokhodish'. Za toboju
Nad svjashchennymi sledami
Pochivajet sinij mrak.
I smotrju ja, vspominaja,
Kak opushcheny resnicy,
Kak tvoj mal'chik v beloj shapke
Ulybnulsja na tebja.

Virgin in the city

You pass by without a smile,
Your eyelashes cast down,
And in the darkness above the cathedral
Radiantly shine the golden domes.
How your face resembles
Those eventide Virgins
With downcast eyelashes,
Who vanish into the darkness…
But a curly-haired boy walks with you,
Meek and dressed in a white cap,
You lead him by the hand,
You do not let him fall.
I stand in the shadow of the doorway,
Where a sharp wind blows,
Clouding my strained eyes
With tears.
I would like to step forward suddenly
And cry out: ‘Mother of God!
Why have You brought
This Infant to my black city?’
But my tongue is powerless to shout out.
You pass by. Behind you
Above your sacred footprints
The blue darkness slumbers.
And I gaze, remembering
Your downcast eyelashes,
And the little boy in his white cap,
Smiling at you.

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Georgy Vasilyevich Sviridov was a Russian neoromantic composer, active in the Soviet era. 

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Alexander Alexandrovich Blok was a Russian lyrical poet, writer, publicist, playwright, translator, literary critic.

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