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Sred shumnovo bala ('Amid the din of the ball') (1878) Op. 38 no.3

Part of a series or song cycle:

6 Romances (Op. 38)

Sred shumnovo bala ('Amid the din of the ball')

Sred shumnovo bala, sluchaino,
V trevoge mirskoi suety,
Tebya ya uvidel, no taina
Tvoi pokryvala cherty.
Lish ochi pechalno glyadeli,
A golos tak divno zvuchal,
Kak zvon otdalyonnoi svireli,
Kak morya igrayushchyi val.
Mne stan tvoi ponravilsa tonkyi
I ves tvoi zadumchivyi vid,
A smekh tvoy, i grustnyi, i zvonkyi,
S tekh por v moyom serdtse zvuchit.
V chasy odinokie nochi
Lyublyu ya, ustalyi, prilech;
Ya vizhu pechalnye ochi,
Ya slyshu vesyoluyu rech,
I grustno ya, grustno tak zasypayu,
I v gryozakh nevedomykh splyu …
Lyublyu li tebya, ya ne znayu,
No kazhetsa mne, chto lyublyu!

Amid the din of the ball

At a noisy ball, quite by chance,
In the tumult of worldly bustle,
I caught sight of you, but mystery
Veiled your features.
Your eyes betrayed your sadness,
Yet your voice had a lovely ring,
Like the sound of a distant flute
Or the playful waves of the sea.
Your slim figure entranced me,
As well as your dreamy appearance;
And your sad but ringing laughter
Has since then echoed in my heart.
In the lonely hours of the night,
I like to lie down when I am weary
And conjure up your sad eyes
And the sound of your cheerful talk.
And sadly, so sadly, I fall asleep
And sink into strange dreams.
Am I in love with you? I don’t know,
But yes, I think I am in love.

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