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Solovej ('The Nightingale') (1886) Op. 60 no.4

Solovej ('The Nightingale')

Solovej moj, solovejko!
Ptica malaja, lesnaja!
U tebja l', u maloj pticy,
Nezamennye tri pesni,
U menja li, u molodca,
Tri velikije zaboty!
Kak uzh pervaja zabota --
Rano molodca zhenili;
A vtoraja-to zabota --
Voron kon' moj pritomilsja;
Kak uzh tret'ja-to zabota --
Krasnu-devicu so mnoju
Razluchili zlye ljudi.
Vy kopajte mne mogilu
Vo pole, pole shirokom,
V golovakh mne posadite
Aly cvetiki-cvetochki,
A v nogakh mne provedite
Chistu vodu kljuchevuju.
Projdut mimo krasny devki,
Tak spletut sebe kepochki:
Projdut mimo stary ljudi,
Tak vody sebe zacherpnut.

The Nightingale

Oh nightingale, my little nightingale!
Little bird, oh woodland bird!
Do you not have, oh little bird,
Three unchanging songs,
Do I not have, brave young lad,
Three great cares!
The first is this –
I was married off too young;
The second –
My raven steed has grown weary;
And the third of them –
My fair maid and I
Have been separated by evil folk.
Dig me a grave for me
In the field, in the wide field,
At my head, plant
Scarlet flower, those little flowers,
And at my feet let
Pure spring water flow.
If fair maidens should pass by,
Have them weave garlands for themselves;
If old folk should pass by,
Have them take a drink of water.

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