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Blagoslovlyayu vas, lesa ('I bless you, Forests') (1880) Op. 47 no. 5

Blagoslovlyayu vas, lesa ('I bless you, Forests')

Blagoslovlyayu vas, lesa, doliny, nivy, gory, vody,
Blagoslovlyayu ya svobodu i golubye nebesa!
I posokh moy blagoslovlyayu, i etu bednuyu sumu,
I step ot krayu i da krayu,
I solntsa svet, i nochi tmu.
I odinokuyu tropinku, po koyei, nishchy, ya idu,
I v pole kazhduyu bylinku,
I v nebe kazhduyu zvezdu!
O, esli b mokh vsyu zhizn smeshat ya,
Vsyu dushu v meste s vami slyt!
O, esli b mokh v moi obyatya!
Ya vas, vragi, druzya i bratya, i vsyu prirodu,
I vsyu prirodu v moyi obyatya zaklyuchit!

I bless you, Forests

I bless you, forests, valleys, cornfields, mountains, waters,
I bless freedom and blue skies!
And I bless my staff, and this poor knapsack,
And the steppe that reaches in all directions,
And the sun’s light and the night’s darkness,
And the solitary path along which I, a pauper, walk,
And each blade of grass in the field,
And each star in the sky!
Oh, if only I could merge all of life,
All of my soul with you,
Oh, if only I could hold you all,
My enemies, friends and brothers,
And all of nature in my embraces!

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