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Sleza drozhit ('A tear trembles') (1869) Op. 6 no.4

Sleza drozhit ('A tear trembles')

Sleza drozhit v tvoyom revnivom vzore …
O, ne grusti, ty vsyo mne doroga!
No ya lyubit mogu lish na prostore,
Moyu lyubov, shirokuyu, kak more,
Vmestit ne mogut, net!
Vmestit ne mogut zhizni berega.
O, ne grusti, moy drug, zemnoe minet gore,
Pozhdi eshchyo, nevolya nedolga.
V odnu lyubov my vse solyomsa vskore,
V odnu lyubov, shirokuyu, kak more,
Chto ne vmestyat, net!
Chto ne vmestyat zemnye berega.

A tear trembles

A tear trembles in your jealous gaze…
Oh, don’t be sad, you’re still dear to me!
But I can love only in boundless freedom,
And my love, as wide as the ocean,
Cannot, no cannot be contained
By life’s shores!
Oh, don’t be sad, my friend, earthly grief will pass,
Wait a while, our captivity is but brief.
Soon we shall all merge into a single love,
Into a single love, as wide as the ocean,
That earthy shores cannot,
Non cannot contain!

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