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Snova, kak prezhde ('Again, as before, alone') (1893) Op. 73 no.6

Snova, kak prezhde ('Again, as before, alone')

Snova, kak prezhde, odin,
Snova ob"jat ja toskoj
Smotritsja topol' v okno,
Ves' ozarjonnyj lunoj
Smotritsja topol' v okno
Shepchut o chem to listy
V zvezdakh gorjat nebesa
Gde teper', milaja, ty?
Vsjo, chto tvoritsja so mnoj,
Ja peredat' ne berus'.
Drug! pomolis' za menja,
Ja za tebja uzh moljus'!

Again, as before, alone

Again, as before, I am alone,
Melancholy once again holds me in its embrace.
Through the window I can see a poplar
Standing in the light of the moon.
Through the window I can see the poplar,
Its leaves whisper about something,
The sky is aflame, full of stars,
Why are you now, my beloved?
I cannot begin to convey
All that is happening to me.
My friend! Pray for me,
As I already pray for you!

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