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Im Freien (1826) D880

Im Freien

Draussen in der weiten Nacht 
Steh ich wieder nun,
Ihre helle Sternenpracht 
Lässt mein Herz nicht ruhn!
Tausend Arme winken mir 
Süss begehrend zu,
Tausend Stimmen rufen hier, 
„Grüss dich, Trauter, du!“
O ich weiss auch, was mich zieht, 
Weiss auch, was mich ruft,
Was wie Freundes Gruss und Lied 
Locket, locket durch die Luft.
Siehst du dort das Hüttchen stehen, 
Drauf der Mondschein ruht. 
Durch die blanken Scheiben sehn 
Augen, die mir gut!
Siehst du dort das Haus am Bach, 
Das der Mond bescheint?
Unter seinem trauten Dach 
Schläft mein liebster Freund.
Siehst du jenen Baum,
Der voll Silberflocken glimmt? 
O wie oft mein Busen schwoll, 
Froher dort gestimmt!
Jedes Plätzchen, das mir winkt, 
Ist ein teurer Platz,
Und wohin ein Strahl nur sinkt, 
Lockt ein teurer Schatz.
Drum auch winkt mir’s überall 
So begehrend hier,
Drum auch ruft es, wie der Schall 
Trauter Liebe mir.

In the open

Now once more I stand outside 
in the vast night;
its bright, starry splendour 
gives my heart no peace.
A thousand arms beckon to me 
with sweet longing;
a thousand voices call: 
‘Greetings, dear friend!’
Oh, I know what draws me,
what calls me,
like a friend’s greeting, a song, 
floating enticingly through the air.
Do you see the cottage there
on which the moonlight lingers? 
From its shining windows
fond eyes gaze out.
Do you see the house there by the brook, 
lit by the moon?
Beneath its cosy roof
sleeps my dearest friend.
Do you see that tree,
glittering with silver flakes?
Oh, how often did my heart swell 
with joy there!
Every little place that beckons
is dear to me,
and wherever a moonbeam falls, 
cherished treasure entices.
So everything here beckons to me 
with longing,
and calls to me with the sounds 
of true love.
Translations by Richard Wigmore first published by Gollancz and reprinted in the Hyperion Schubert Song Edition

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Franz Peter Schubert was an late Classical and early Romantic composer. He produced a vast oeuvre during his short life, composing more the 600 vocal works (largely Lieder), and well as several symphonies, operas, and a large body of piano music. He was uncommonly gifted from a young age, but appreciation of his music was limited during his lifetime. His work became more popular in the decades after his death, and was praised by 19th century composers, including Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms, and Liszt.

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