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Wiegenlied (1826) D867


Wie sich der Äuglein kindlicher Himmel, 
Schlummerbelastet, lässig verschliesst! 
Schliesse sie einst so, lockt dich die Erde: 
Drinnen ist Himmel, aussen ist Lust!
Wie dir so schlafrot glühet die Wange! 
Rosen aus Eden hauchten sie an: 
Rosen die Wangen, Himmel die Augen, 
Heiterer Morgen, himmlischer Tag!
Wie des Gelockes goldige Wallung
Kühlet der Schläfe glühenden Saum. 
Schön ist das Goldhaar, schöner der Kranz drauf:
Träum’ du vom Lorbeer, bis er dir blüht.
Liebliches Mündchen, Engel umweh’n dich: 
Drinnen die Unschuld, drinnen die Lieb’; 
Wahre sie Kindchen, wahre sie treulich: 
Lippen sind Rosen, Lippen sind Glut.
Wie dir ein Engel faltet die Händchen; 
Falte sie einst so, gehst du zur Ruh’;
Schön sind die Träume, wenn man gebetet: 
Und das Erwachen lohnt mit dem Traum.


How carelessly the eyes’ childlike heaven
closes, laden with slumber!
Closes them thus, when one day the earth calls you: 
heaven is within you; outside is joy!
How your cheeks glow red with sleep!
Roses from Eden have breathed upon them; 
your cheeks are roses, your eyes are heaven, 
bright morning, heavenly day!
How the golden waves of your locks
cool the edge of your burning temples!
Your golden hair is lovely, and even lovelier the garland upon it;
dream of the laurel until it blooms for you.
Sweet little mouth, the angels hover round you; 
inside is innocence, inside is love!
Guard them, my child, guard them faithfully: 
lips are roses, lips are warmth!
As an angel folds your little hands,
fold them thus one day when you go to rest! 
Dreams are beautiful when you pray, and your 
awakening rewards you no less than your dream.
Translations by Richard Wigmore first published by Gollancz and reprinted in the Hyperion Schubert Song Edition

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Franz Peter Schubert was an late Classical and early Romantic composer. He produced a vast oeuvre during his short life, composing more the 600 vocal works (largely Lieder), and well as several symphonies, operas, and a large body of piano music. He was uncommonly gifted from a young age, but appreciation of his music was limited during his lifetime. His work became more popular in the decades after his death, and was praised by 19th century composers, including Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms, and Liszt.

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