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Speak, music! (1901) Op. 41

Speak, music!

Speak, speak, music, and bring to me
Fancies too fleet for me,
Sweetness too sweet for me,
Wake, wake, voices, and sing to me,
Sing to me tenderly; bid me rest.
Rest, rest! ah, I am fain of it!
Die, Hope! small was my gain of it!
Song, song take thy parable,
Whisper, whisper that all is well,
Say, say that there tarrieth
Something, something more true than death,
Waiting to smile for me; bright and blest.
Thrill, thrill, string: echo and play for me
All, all that the poet, the priest cannot say for me;
Soar, voice, soar, heavenwards, and pray for me,
Wondering, wandering; bid me rest.

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Sir Edward William Elgar, 1st Baronet OM GCVO (2 June 1857 – 23 February 1934) was an English composer. His best-known compositions include the Enigma Variations, the Pomp and Circumstance Marches, concertos for violin and cello, and two symphonies. He also composed choral works, chamber music, and songs. He was appointed Master of the King's Musick in 1924.

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Arthur Christopher Benson was an English essayist, poet, author and academic, best known for writing the words to 'Land of Hope and Glory.'

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