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Wapping Old Stairs (1902)

Part of a series or song cycle:

A Song for the Lord Mayor's Table

Wapping Old Stairs

My Molly has never been false, she declares,
Since last time we parted at Wapping Old Stairs,
When I swore that I still would continue the same,
And gave you the 'bacco box, marked with your name.
When I pass'd a whole fortnight between decks with you,
Did I e'er give a kiss, Tom, to one of the crew?
To be useful and kind, with my Thomas I stay'd,
For his trousers I wash'd, and his grog too I made.
Though you threaten'd, last Sunday, to walk in the Mall
With Susan from Deptford, and likewise with Sal,
In silence I stoof your unkindness to hear,
And only upbraided my Tom, with a tear.
Why should Sal, or should Susan, that me be more priz'd?
For the heart that is true, Tom, should ne'er be despis'd;
Then be constant and kind, nor your Molly forsake,
Still your trousers I'll wash, and your grog too I'll make.

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Sir William Turner Walton was an English composer.

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