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Ne ver' mne drug, kogda v izbytke gorja (1896) Op.14 no.7

Ne ver' mne drug, kogda v izbytke gorja

Ne ver' mne drug, kogda v izbytke gorja
Ja govorju, chto razljubil tebja!
V otliva chas ne ver' izmene morja,
Ono k zemle vorotitsja, ljubja.
Uzh ja toskuju, prezhnej strasti polnyj,
Moju svobodu vnov' tebe otdam.
I uzh begut s obratnym shumom volny
Izdaleka k ljubimym beregam.

Believe it not

Do not believe me, my friend, when in bitter torment
I say that I do not love you any more!
Do not believe the deception of the sea as it ebbs aware,
It will return to the land, loving once again.
I long for you once more, full for my former passion,
And again I will yield to you my freedom.
And once again, the loud waves rush back
From far away to their beloved shores.

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