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Siren’ (1902) Op.21 no.5


Po utru, na zare,
Po rosistoj trave,
Ja pojdu svezhim utrom dyshat';
I v dushistuju ten',
Gde tesnitsja siren',
Ja pojdu svoje schast'e iskat'...
V zhizni schast'e odno
Mne najti suzhdeno,
I to schast'e v sireni zhivjot;
Na zeljonykh vetvjakh,
Na dushistykh kistjakh
Mojo bednoje schast'e cvetjot...


In the morning, at dawn,
Through the dew-clad grass,
I shall walk, breathing in the freshness of morning;
And to the fragrant shade,
Where lilacs cluster,
I shall go in search of my happiness…
In life there is but one happiness
That I am fated to find,
And that happiness lives in the lilacs;
On their green branches,
In their fragrant cluesters
My poor happiness blooms…

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