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Kakoje schast'e (1910) Op. 34 no.12

Kakoje schast'e

Kakoje schast'e: i noch', i my odni!
Reka kak zerkalo i vsja blestit zvezdami,
A tam-to golovu zakin'-ka, da vzgljani:
Kakaja glubina i chistota nad nami!
O, nazyvaj menja bezumnym! Nazovi,
Chem khochesh': v `etot mig
ja razumom slabeju
I v serdce chuvstvuju takoj priliv ljubvi,
Chto ne mogu molchat', ne stanu, ne umeju!
Ja bolen, ja vljubljon,
No, muchas' i ljubja,
O, slushaj! o pojmi! ja strasti ne skryvaju,
I ja khochu skazat', chto ja ljublju tebja,
Tebja, odnu tebja ljublju ja i zhelaju!

What wealth of rapture

What happienss: it is night and we are alone!
The river is like a mirror, all ablaze with stars,
And there – lean your head back and look up –
What profundity and purity there is above us!
Call me mad! Call me what you will:
At this moment
Reason fails me,
And in my heart I feel such an outpouring of love,
That I cannot be silent, I won’t, I can’t!
I’m sick, I’m in love, but anguished and in love –
Just listen! Hear me well! – I cannot hide my passion.
And I want to say that I love you,
It is you, you alone that I love and desire!

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Sergei Rachmaninov was a Russian composer, pianist, and conductor of the late Romantic period.

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