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Chanson ‘Les lilas sont en folie’ (1909)

Song ‘The lilacs are inflamed’

The lilacs are inflamed,
And the roses are pretty,
Hide yourself.
Draw the curtains, draw the curtains!
And beneath the green leaves
Hide yourself!
Ah ah! Ah ah! Ah ah!
Lilacs and rose-bushes Ah ah!
The fair one, Ah ah! Ah ah!
The fairest one is you!
Handsome lords and beautiful ladies,
Love, love,
In your silken finery,
Draw the curtains, draw the curtains!
Who would like my soul?
Love! Ah ah! Ah ah! Ah ah!
Love and kisses, ah the fair one,
Ah ah! the fairest one is you!

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Juliette Nadia Boulanger was a French composer, conductor, and teacher. Her students included Aaron Copland, Dinu Lipatti, Philip Glass and Quincy Jones.

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