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Gato (1943) Op. 10

Part of a series or song cycle:

Cinco Canciones populares Argentinas (Op. 10)


El gato de mi casa
Es muy gauchito
Pero cuando lo bailan
Guitarrita de pino
Cuerdas de alambre.
Tanto quiero a las chicas,
Digo, como a las grandes.
Esa moza que baila
Mucho la quiero
Pero no para hermana
Que hermana tengo.
Que hermana tengo
Si, pónte al frente
Aunque no sea tu dueño,
Digo, me gusta verte.


The cat of the house
is most mischievous,
but when they dance,
they stamp their feet.
With pine guitars
and wire strings.
I like the small girls
as much as the big ones.
That girl dancing
is the one for me.
Not as a sister
I have one already.
I have a sister.
Yes, come to the front.
I may not be your master
but I like to see you.

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Alberto Evaristo Ginastera was an Argentian composer.

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