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Canción al arbol del olvido (1938) Op. 3 no.2

Canción al arbol del olvido

En mis pagos hay un arbol
Que del olvido se llama,
Al que van a despenarse,
Vidalitay, Vidalitay,
Los moribundos del alma.
Para no pensar en vos
Bajo el arbol del olvido
Me acosté una nochecita,
Vidalitay, Vidalitay,
Y me quedé bien dormido.
Al despertar de aquel sueño
Pensaba en vos otra vez,
Pues me olvidé de olvidarte,
Vidalitay, Vidalitay,
Encuantito me acosté.

Song to the tree of forgetfulness

In my land there is a tree,
And it's called the tree of forgetfulness,
To him they go to free themselves from
pain, my little life,
Those whose souls are dying.
So I wouldn’t think of you,
Underneath the forgetfulness tree
I lay down one little night,
my little life,
And I fell into a deep sleep.
When I woke from that sleep
I thought of you again,
Because I forgot to forget you,
my little life,
As soon as I lay down.

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Alberto Evaristo Ginastera was an Argentian composer.

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