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Bootgesang (1825) D835

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Sieben Gesänge aus Walter Scotts ‘Fräulein vom See’ (D837)


Triumph, er naht, Heil, Heil dem Helden,
Stets grünende Fichte, gesegnet sei du!
Lang, lang blüh in seinem hellschimmernden Banner,
O Baum, du Schutz und Schmuck unsers Stamms!
Tränk ihn, Himmel, mit deinem Tau,
Spend ihm, Erde, neuen Saft,
Dass freudig er knosp’ und weit sich verbreite,
Und jedes Hochlands Tal schale jauchzend zurück:
„Es lebe Sir Roderick, Clan Alpines Held!“

Boat Song

Rejoice, he approches! Hail to the hero!
Evergreen spruce, you are blessed!
Long, long may you bloom on his bright-shining banner,
O tree, protector and jewel of our clan!
Water it, heaven, with your dew;
give it fresh sap, earth, that it may
bud joyfully and spread its branches wide,
and let every Highland valley echo resoundingly:
‘Long live Sir Roderick, Clan Alpine’s hero!’

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Franz Peter Schubert was an late Classical and early Romantic composer. He produced a vast oeuvre during his short life, composing more the 600 vocal works (largely Lieder), and well as several symphonies, operas, and a large body of piano music. He was uncommonly gifted from a young age, but appreciation of his music was limited during his lifetime. His work became more popular in the decades after his death, and was praised by 19th century composers, including Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms, and Liszt.

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Sir Walter Scott, 1st Baronet FRSE FSA Scot (15 August 1771 – 21 September 1832) was a Scottish historical novelist, poet, playwright and historian. Many of his works remain classics of both English-language literature and of Scottish literature. Famous titles include Ivanhoe, Rob Roy, Old Mortality, The Lady of the Lake, Waverley, The Heart of Midlothian and The Bride of Lammermoor.

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