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Eddig való dolgom a tavaszi szántás (1907) BB47

Part of a series or song cycle:

8 Hungarian Folksongs (BB47)

Eddig való dolgom a tavaszi szántás

Eddig való dolgom a tavaszi szántás,
Kertekbe, rétekbe füvet lekaszálás;
Immár ökröm hejjin lovam a nyeregbe,
Szíjostorom hejjin kantarszár kezembe.
Eljött már az a nap, melyben kell indulni,
Házamtól, hazámtól bús szivvel távozni,
Kedves szüleimtől sirva elbúcsuzni,
Kedves hitestársam árván itt kell hagyni.

My work has always been the spring plowing

My work has always been the spring plowing,
Cutting grasses in fields and gardens;
Now my ox is in his place, my horse is saddled,
My whip ready, the halter in my hands.
The day has come when I must leave,
To depart from my home, my country, with a heavy heart,
To take leave of my parents in tears,
To leave my dear wife alone.

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Béla Bartók was a Hungarian composer, pianist and an ethnomusicologist. He is considered one of the most important composers of the 20th century; he and Liszt are regarded as Hungary's greatest composers.

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