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Csalfa sugár (1952)

Part of a series or song cycle:

Öt Arany-dal (5 Arany Songs)

Csalfa sugár

Kis bokor, ne hajts még,
Tél ez, nem tavasz;
Kis lány, ne sóhajts még;
Nem tudod, mi az.
Bokor új hajtását
Letarolja fagy;
Lány kora nyílását
Bú követi, nagy.
Szánnam a bokorkát
Lomb - s virágtalan:
S a lányt, a botorkát,
Hogy már oda van!

Treacherous ray of Sunlight

Little bush, don't bud yet,
It is winter, not spring;
little girl, don't sigh,
You don't know, what that is.
The young shoots of the bush
are ravaged by the frost;
the early bloom of the girl
is followed by much sorrow.
I'm sorry for the bush,
with no leaves or blossoms;
and for the girsl, the little silly,
wilted so soon!

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György Sándor Ligeti was a Hungarian-Austrian composer of contemporary classical music.

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János Arany was a Hungarian journalist, writer, poet, and translator. He wrote over 102 ballads, which have been translated into over 50 languages.

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