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A Soft Day (1913) Op. 140

Part of a series or song cycle:

A Sheaf of Songs from Leinster (Op. 140 )

A Soft Day

A soft day, thank God!
A wind from the south
With a honey'd mouth;
A scent of drenching leaves,
Briar and beech and lime,
White elderflower and thyme,
And the soaking grass smells sweet,
Crushed by my two bare feet,
While the rain drips,
Drips, drips, drips from the eaves.
A soft day, thank God!
The hills wear a shroud
Of silver cloud;
The web the spider weaves
Is a glittering net;
The woodland path is wet,
And the soaking earth smells sweet
Under my two bare feet,
And the rain drips,
Drips, drips, drips from the leaves.

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Sir Charles Villiers Stanford was an Irish composer, music teacher, and conductor. Among his students were Gustav Holst and Ralph Vaughan Williams.

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