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Dirti addio / 'L'amor funesto' (1842)

Dirti addio / 'L'amor funesto'

Più che non ama un angelo,
T'amai nel mio deliro,
Mi fusi nel tuo spirito,
Vissi nel tuo respiro,
Ma un core senza palpiti,
Un giuro senza fè,
Un riso senza lagrime,
Donna, tu desti a me.
Addio, lontano è il tumulo
Che accoglierà quest'ossa,
Né resterà pei gemiti
La traccia della fossa;
L'angiol tu fosti e il demone
De' miei consunti dì,
T'amo, dicesti a un misero,
Ed egli ne morì.

Sad Love

More than even an angel could love,
I loved you in my delirium,
I fused into your spirit,
Lived in your breath,
But a heart without beats,
A promise without faith,
A laugh without tears,
Woman, you gave to me.
Farewell, the grave is far away
That will welcome these bones,
Nor will there remain for groans
One trace of the grave;
You were the angel and the demon
Of my past days,
I love you, you said to a poor man,
and he died of it.

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Domenico Gaetano Maria Donizetti was an Italian composer. Along with Gioachino Rossini and Vincenzo Bellini, Donizetti was a leading composer of the bel canto opera style during the first half of the nineteenth century. 

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