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Ei saa mitte vaiki olla ('I cannot stay silent') (1896)

Ei saa mitte vaiki olla ('I cannot stay silent')

Ei saa mitte vaiki olla, lauluviisi lõpeta
Vaikimine oleks vale, sunniks südant lõhkema.
Tahan õige tasa laulda, tasa kannelt helista,
Et ei sind mu kõige kallim, lauluga ma tülita
Aga kui torm minu kandlelt kostab siiski kõrvu sul,
Siis sa ise oled süüdi, miks nii armas oled mul.

I cannot stay silent

I cannot stay silent, cannot end my song
Remaining silent would be wrong, would make my heart burst.
I want to sing very softly, gently sound my zither,
So that you, my love, will not be disturbed by my song.
But if the storm from my zither should still reach your ears,
It is entirely your own fault, that you are so dear to me.

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Miina Härma was a widely recognised Estonian composer. She is perhaps best known for performing organ music in rural communities at a time when few skilled organists gave concerts outside of large towns and cities.

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